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State Key Labs of Infectious Diseases Met in Hangzhou

The Summit Meeting of State Key Laboratories of Infectious Diseases was held on September 25, Hangzhou. A host of leaders and experts were present and addressed the event, including Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province Jin Deshui, Director of the Department of Basic Research of MOST ZHANG Xian’en, academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering Hou Yunde, Zhao Kai and Li Lanjuan. Over 100 experts from 7 state key laboratories and engineering centers of pathogenic microorganism and infectious diseases were present in the meeting.

The meeting was aimed at a series of hot issues, like major infectious diseases in China, new infectious diseases and the current H1N1 epidemic, making suggestions for the prevention and control of epidemic diseases at the moment and the disease strategy of the Twelfth-Five Year Plan. The meeting will be held every two years.