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VM ZHANG Surveys Innovation-based Enterprises in Hefei

Vice Minister of MOST ZHANG Laiwu visited Hefei High-Tech Zone to survey the innovation-based enterprises there on October 28. Vice Commissioner of State Intellectual Property Office Bao Hong and Deputy Director of MOST Torch High Tech Industrial Center CAI Wenqin were also in the visiting group.

VM ZHANG and other officials first went to Hefei Meiya Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., Anhui Anke Biotechnology Group, and enterprises in the Park for Returned Overseas Talents to know better about their innovation and business operations. They also asked about what the government can do to address issues encountered by the enterprises

Then VM ZHANG held discussions with returned overseas talents on how to attract more high-caliber human resources, particularly top business-incubating team, and how to tackle financial crisis.