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Call for Sino-Italy Inter-government S&T cooperation projects

Department of International Cooperation, MOST

May 17, 2005


In accordance with the Sino-Italy inter-government S&T cooperation agreement, the 12th Meeting of the Joint S&T Committee will be held in Beijing at the end of November, 2005. On the occasion, both sides will review and summarize the progress in bilateral governmental S&T cooperation and project implementation since the last conference and determine the S&T cooperation projects between the two governments for 2006-2008. As agreed by both sides, the fields open to project application during the 12th meeting are: space technology, basic science, information and telecommunications, energy source and environment, agriculture, medical sciences and traditional Chinese medicine, biotechnology, nanometer technology and material science and the cultural heritage conservation technology.


All applicant projects for this meeting are supposed to be handled in accordance with the evaluation method of our department for inter-government S&T cooperation projects (for details, refer to www.cistc.gov.cn/acbp) and the application forms (the Chinese and English forms are separately filled up with two copies for each) must be completed. The project application form has to be signed by the project executors of both sides and will be mailed to our Department after approval by the higher administrative department (the department of international cooperation of each ministry and commission, the Department of Science and Technology of each province, municipality and autonomous region, the cooperation bureau of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Bureau of International Cooperation, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences) of the project undertaker. All project application forms must give clear indication of fund source and amount of both sides in the cooperation. The deadline of project collection is August 31, 2005. Relevant information will be published on the home page of MOST (www.most.gov.cn).


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