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Notice on Issuing the Guidelines for Application of 973 Program in 2006

December 26, 2005

To all it may concern:

The 973 Program shall deploy projects in 2006 pertaining to major frontier issues of science and China’s strategic demands for economic, social and scientific development. Here is publicised the guidelines on application for projects in 2006 for you to act upon in organising applications.
The applications for 973 Program projects shall be submitted though the Internet (Procedures and related issues shall be issued at the website of the 973 Program in mid January, 2006) from 8:00 on Feb. 2 to 17:00 on Feb. 28, 2006. Applications shall not be accepted if they should exceed the time limit.
Application guidelines, requirements and explanations, outline for compiling application forms may be downloaded from the “Application Column” at the 973 Program website.
973 Program website:http://www.973.gov.cn
Hot line:010-68576534  68576536  58881557
Unit in charge: Basic Research Management Centre, MOST