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Beijing will Build Asia's Largest Incubator of the Bioindustry


On the morning of May 29, the foundation stone laying ceremony for the project of China National Academic Center for Biotechnology was held in Beijing. Liu Qi, Member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the CPC and Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, XU Guanhua, Minister of Science and Technology and WANG Qishan, Mayor of Beijing Municipality attended the ceremony and explicitly required that this project should adopt an innovative work mechanism, produce a high-quality architecture corresponding with the landscape of Chang An Street and conform to the objective requirements of the development of biotechnology and bioindustry. With enterprises as the main body of indigenous innovation, this project will become a new economic growth point of Beijing region and make dynamic contributions to the adjustment of the economic structure.


Being a large-scale incubator of the bioindustry with an overall floorage of 250,000 m2, the China National Academic Center for Biotechnology is undertaken jointly by Beijing International Trust and Investment Corporation Limited and China National Center for Biotechnology Development of MOST. The Academic Center will consist of five functional areas respectively for management, R&D, incubation, certification and finance & service. In the management functional area, relevant domestic administrative departments and agents involved in biotechnology and bioindustry will gather together to form the centre of management and coordination for biotechnology and bioindustry. The R&D functional area will be an assemblage of first-rate international talents and R&D institutions and become an important innovation base for biological technologies and products. The incubation functional area will attract domestic and foreign R&D projects with industrialization prospects, overseas Chinese students and foreign investment so as to develop a batch of products with great market potential and a batch of enterprises with international competitiveness. Within the service functional area, domestic and foreign agencies of venture capital investment, intellectual property rights and technology transfer relating to biotechnology and bioindustry will get together to provide comprehensive services to the development of biotech enterprises.