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MOST and Jiangsu Signed Agreement on Working Consultancy Mechanism




On December 6, 2006 MOST has signed the agreement with Jiangsu Provincial Government on establishing a Working Consultancy Mechanism. Later, both held their first working consultancy meeting. On the signing ceremony, attended by LI Yuanchao, the Secretary of Jiangsu CPC, Minister XU and LIANG Baohua, Governor of Jiangsu Province signed the Agreement


Minister XU said both sides had long been enjoying good cooperation. During the 11th Five-Year Plan period, our cooperation should focus on promoting commercialization of indigenous innovations in a big scale and encouraging mechanism innovations. MOST will further support the Ministry-Province cooperative work by coordinating national major S&T projects, implementing S&T plans and catalyzing S&T development.


On the meeting, both sides exchanged ideas and reached consensus on the following four aspects:

1  Jointly accelerating indigenous R & D as well as major S&T technology transfer;

2  Jointly facilitating the construction of S&T transferring media and new type of R &D institute;
3 Jointly promoting the application of new S&T results in agriculture and social development;

4 Jointly exploring solutions to allocate S&T resources in an open manner.