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Flu Vaccine Technological Innovation Strategic Alliance Inaugurated in Beijing




The S&T Group of Joint Prevention & Control Mechanism in Response to AH1N1 Influenza held the Influenza Vaccine Technological Innovation Strategic Alliance Inaugural Meeting in Beijing on June 4th, 2009. The Alliance aims to pool its members’ S&T resources and strengthen industry-academia-research collaboration, jointly tackle key technological problems in vaccine research and production and upgrade equipment technologies. This is in a bid to enhance China’s overall indigenous innovation capacity and international competitiveness in this regard, and to prevent and control influenza pandemic and stem the spread of AH1N1 Influenza.

The Strategic Alliance, jointly initiated by 22 organizations, will adopt an open organization and management model: any eligible organization can gain membership of the Alliance with the consent of more than 2/3 members of  Alliance Council and the signature of the Alliance Agreement.