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WAN Attends High-Level Strategic Meeting on MOST-MOR High-Speed Railway Innovation



On June 15th of 2009, MOST and Ministry of Railways (MOR) jointly held a high-level strategic meeting on MOST-MOR high-speed railway innovation in Beijing. The two reached consensus on jointly promoting strategic cooperation. Minister WAN Gang, Vice-Minister CAO Jianlin, Vice-Minister DU Zhanyuan, Deputy Secretary-General WANG Zhixue of MOST, and Minister LIU Zhijun, Vice-Minister LU Dongfu, Vice-Minister WANG Zhiguo of MOR attended the event, which was chaired by Vice-Minister DU Zhanyuan. ZHANG Shuguang, head of the General Expert Panel of “China High-Speed Train Innovation Joint Action Plan” reported the progress of the plan.

WAN said MOST will cooperate more closely with MOR to implement the ongoing projects, guarantee the realization of overall objective of the plan, and contribute its due part to innovate Chinese high-speed trains, forge indigenous industrial clusters, and promote rapid and sustainable development.