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Minister Addresses Top 10 Summit of Chinese Auto Industry


The 2009 Top 10 Summit of Chinese Auto Industry was convened on July 11 of 2009. The event was organized by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) and focused on Chinese auto industry’s strategy on electric vehicles. Minister WAN Gang addressed the Summit and held discussions with representatives of the top 10 Chinese automakers.

WAN pointed out that China’s automakers should highlight the issue of carbon emissions, follow government guidance and relevant policies, and endeavor to assume the role of market leaders. To develop electric vehicles in China, it is necessary to draw up a technology roadmap in accordance with the market and government policies. It is necessary to fully demonstrate China’s own characteristics while comply with  international practice. Given the opportunity of the demonstration campaign named “thousands clean vehicles in over 10 Chinese cities” , it is also necessary to transition from R&D-led industrialization to industrialization-led R&D, develop sophisticated technology and bring down the cost.