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Minister WAN Visits Ulanqab Coal Gasification Testing Site


Vice Chairman of CPPCC and Minister of MOST WAN Gang paid a visit to ENN Ulanqab coal gasification testing site, together with LI Chaochen, Director of Administrative Office, WANG Xiaofang, Director-general of Development Planning, and FENG Jichun, Director-general of Hi-tech Development and Industrialization on August 29.

The visiting leaders first went to the testing site of gasification technology, listened to the introduction from Wang Yushuo, Chairman of ENN Board of Directors, and enquired about the present development and technical know-how of coal gasification. After the visit, Minister WAN listened to the work report on coal gasification. Leaders from Ulanqab Municipal Government, and local S&T bureaus of Hebei and Inner Mongolia said they would step up support for the R&D of coal gasification technology, particularly for the construction of state key laboratories, and the establishment of state engineering technology center and the union of technology and industry.