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China-Africa S&T Cooperation Roundtable Held in Egypt

With a view to better implementing “China-Africa Science and Technology Cooperation Partnership”, MOST held 2009 China-Africa S&T Cooperation Roundtable on December 3 in Egypt. Over 100 people were present at the event. They were representatives from 9 Egyptian governmental branches, embassies of 23 African countries in Egypt, MOST delegation, Embassy of China in Egypt, and the media from both China and Egypt. Deputy Secretary-General of MOST ZHENG Guo’an, the special representative of MOST Minister WAN Gang, and Chinese Ambassador to Egypt WU Chunhua were present on behalf of China.


The Roundtable was focused on the direction and contents of cooperation in science and technology in the new situation. Deputy Secretary-General ZHENG pointed out in his speech that MOST would actively implement what Premier Wen Jiabao proposed on strengthening China-Africa cooperation in science and technology during the Opening Ceremony of the Fourth Ministerial Meeting of China-Africa Cooperation Forum; MOST was ready to help Africa build up its science and technology capacity, and promote sustainable socioeconomic development by giving full play to the role of science and technology.