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Meeting on Earthquake-Relief through S&T

On April 15, MOST Party Chief LI Xueyong held an emergency meeting on S&T efforts to tackle Qinghai Earthquake.

Five decisions were made during the meeting:

· To monitor aftershocks, evaluate disaster losses, and prepare for potential secondary disasters through coordination between MOST and China Earthquake Administration;

· To establish MOST Leading Group on Disaster Relief;

· To collaborate closely with Qinghai Science and Technology Bureau to collect more information on the disaster, raise funding, and kick-start emergency S&T projects to provide technological support for disaster relief;

· To send the Practical Emergency Guide on Combating Earthquake and Relieving Disaster through Science and Technology (.doc) to Qinghai Science and Technology Bureau; and

· To mobilize research institutes and experts, equipped with the available advanced technologies and equipment, to participate in the relief activities.