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BRICS Launches 6th Call for Multilateral Projects

  The 6th coordinated call for BRICS multilateral projects under the BRICS STI Framework Programme was recently launched. With the focus on“climate change adaptation and mitigation”, the projects submitted must directly address at least one of the following key risks.

  (1) Building resilience: local scale adaptation and adaptive response at catchment scale;

  (2) Earth observation technology-based assessment of the impacts and consequences of climate change;

  (3) Systemic response--using WEF (water, energy and food) nexus approach for a cross-sectoral management of climate change.

  (4) Risks to low-lying social-ecological coastal systems.

  Funding will be provided to 10 projects, about 2 million RMB for each.

  Other requirements:

  (1) The duration of a project should not exceed 3 years;

  (2) The partners should come from at least two of the other four BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and South Africa);

  (3) Project applicants are required to provide the joint application form and confirmation number submitted to the Call Secretariat (http://ams.rfbr.ru/BRICS/).

  The partners should come from at least two of the other four BRICS countries. The duration of a collaborative project will be 3 years with the expected start date of 2nd quarter in 2024.

  The deadline for submitting the Joint Application Form to the Call Secretariat is 20:00 GMT, November 1, 2023. Subsequently, after the national funding organizations releasing their Call for Proposals, the applicants could submit proposals to their national funding organizations according to the set procedures.

  Additional information including the call announcement and Joint Application Form can be found at the following website: http://brics-sti.org/?p=new/35.