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Environment Building for S&T Industries

Environment Building for S&T Industries is a major component of the national S&T plan in the 10th Five-year Plan period. It aims to strengthen policy for environment construction, promote regional economic development, enhance technical services and exchanges, stimulate development of small and medium-sized S&T enterprises (S&T SMEs), vigorously develop S&T intermediaries, and create a sound environment for the commercialization of S&T findings and the their industrialization.

A number of S&T programs, such as the Spark Program, Torch Program, and National Science and Technology Achievements Outreach Program, have shifted their orientation from project implementation to environment construction and development of S&T SMEs. Meanwhile, efforts are also being made to stimulate the development of national key new products, promote trade through S&T, provide innovation fund for small technology-based firms, fund for application of agricultural S&T finding, and productivity promotion centers, university S&T parks, and agricultural S&T parks.

During the 10th Five-year Plan period, the major tasks of Environment Building for S&T Industries are: strengthen demonstration of S&T industrialization, establishment of S&T intermediary agencies and environment construction for industrialization.